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My Observations from the FLCCC Conference

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 12, 2024
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Now that I’ve been back for a week, it’s time to recount my experiences at the FLCCC.

As the emcee at the FLCCC conference, I felt it was my job to listen intently to each and every presentation so that I could ask intelligent questions and begin to weave together the elements of each presenter into a larger whole.  Which is, all by itself, a full-time job for such an information-dense conference.

Also, as many of you know, behind the scenes in mid-2023 Tom Marksun, Jeff Hanson, and I took on the role of becoming the executive board of the FLCCC (effectively the CEO role). One of our core duties was to help craft a new strategy and lead the organization through that process.

If you’ve ever done strategy work like this, you know that it is very mentally taxing (up front), takes great organization finesse, and is always far from certain as to whether it will be successful or not.  But strategy is one of my core capabilities, and I 100% believe in the work the FLCCC is doing, and Tom and Jeff bring great organizational and interpersonal talents, so it all felt like an investment in time that was worth undertaking.

The FLCCC had been the scrappy, reactive start-up that punched way beyond its weight during Covid. But Covid had run its course as an urgent disease, and now we are all dealing with the chronic aftermath, including vaccine injury and Long Covid (both spike-opathies), as well as confronting the fact that our entire medical system has failed comprehensively.

It’s so bad that basic things like metabolic diseases leading to Type II diabetes, let alone the more complicated topics of cancer treatment and autoimmune diseases, are managed so horribly within our current system that you can hardly believe intelligent people were ever involved.

So stir that all into one spot, add in a heaping helping of Dr. Marik’s savant-like ability to cut through the bullshit and Dr. Kory’s remarkable ability to inspire, frame, and explain, coupled with the incredible operational…

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Like I had mentioned earlier, my 26 year old niece had a heart attack about 5 months ago, from what I have been told it...
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