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My Most Important Video Yet

user profile picture Chris Martenson Sep 02, 2021
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This is my first video back after a YouTube strike and timeout (for reporting on a profound impact on women’s health and reproductive cycles from vaccines), and its main purpose is to try and alert people as to where to find me and my reporting should a complete deplatforming by BigTech occur.

The hellish 18 months we have endured amidst the SARS-COV-2 pandemic have tested us all in many ways. But our struggle to beat back this disease (and maintain our societies and economies in the meantime) pales in comparison to the threat of another new pandemic sweeping the globe: our loss of basic freedoms and rights.

As our once treasured principles of personal privacy, free speech and bodily autonomy are dismantled (allegedly) because of a grave public health threat, how will we live, or dare I say, merely survive, in this brave new world?

What will it mean to be an American, a European or a member of Western Civilization in general after these deeply treasured beliefs become but quaint relics of the past? Can any of us really guess?

That’s why it’s more important now than ever that free-thinking, like-minded people work together to keep the lines of communication open and free flow of ideas moving. As censorship continues to silence the many voices of scientists, doctors, journalists, and concerned citizens un-beholden to corporate media interests, we need to find new communities and safe spaces to discuss ideas and maintain sanity in an ever maddening world.


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