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mRNA Vaccines Elevate Myocarditis Risk by 133x

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 19, 2022
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This post and video are dedicated to the memory of Brandon Watt of Ontario Canada, and to his wife and children.

A new study out on Jan 25th in JAMA shows that the mRNA vaccines elevate the risk of myocarditis by 133x above background rates.

This is particularly true for men/boys, with a median age of just 21 years.

This study almost certainly is an undercount of the true risk elevation. The VAERS data is notorious for being a fraction of the true rate of adverse event incidence. This has been true every single time a study in VAERS is conducted. You’d think the CDC would be at least somewhat interested in how badly this system operates, but you’d be wrong. They are, instead, more concerned with burying the data rather than surfacing better data and then studying it.

The public health failures – across the board and top to bottom – have been the very worst of my lifetime. I can say this because all-cause mortality is higher in 2021 than 2020.

We also can say this because “informed consent” has been such a complete joke the product inserts for the mRNA jab products are often shipped completely blank.

The impact of the jabs on women’s menorrheal cycles are not even mentioned on any of the safety data, anywhere at all, despite being a major issue for a huge number of women.

How can you provide informed consent if you don’t first collect the data and actually know what the risks are? Well, that’s the situation in which we currently find ourselves.

So, people aren’t informed, and anybody who is coerced has not actually given their consent. To tell people they have to take the vaccine as a condition of employment or education is forcing them to choose between an unknown risk and their careers, and feeding their families. That’s the very essence of coercion.

Let me be clear – these mRNA vaccines are not for everyone! They really should not be given at all to people who are healthy and young.  Especially now that Omicron is the dominant strain.

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