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Merry Christmas, from 2031 (Part II)

The User's Profile Phil Denniston November 30, 2021
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This is a continuation of Part I of this story, which can be found here.

Part II: The Climate Emergency

In 2025, the climate really started to change. We knew it was coming, but in 2025, it got really bad. It was all over social media. Suddenly we couldn’t get things like we used to – iPhones, laptops, toaster ovens, sunglasses, cleaning products, gummy bears – it seemed everything was out of stock.

The Harris Administration imposed Climate Lockdowns.

The media spread the message: if we didn’t scale back our expectations and consume less, the climate change would be permanent. Whole species would be wiped out, and the Earth would burn up.

Climate distortions in the economy wreaked havoc. Even food was getting harder to get.

Governments came together and determined it could be managed better using AI, but we had to collaborate. Western Democracies would come together to form a Union – the WGW.

Each would keep its own leadership, but President Harris and the other world leaders would form a unifying WGW Advisory Board led by an impartial Chairman, Klaus Schwab.

Klaus was uniquely qualified, a founder of the World Economic Forum, the one organization that anticipated the Climate Emergency, and had developed plans to manage it.

He called for a massive mobilization of the Public-Private Partnership Model, granting exclusive economic rights to big corporations that serve the public trust.

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Klaus & friends are the ones who told you: “There are no treatments for COVID19.”
And now we’re supposed to believe what they say about “climate...
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