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Media & Experts Downplaying Vaccine Injuries

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By Chris Martenson
November 18, 2021

Media & Experts Downplaying Vaccine Injuries

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By Chris Martenson on
November 18, 2021

This is a continuation of Part 1: Court Blocks OHSA Vaccine Mandate. In this episode I cover the horrendous and inexcusable efforts to redefine and explain away vaccine injuries, especially in children, as being “mild” or “not that bad.” the efforts by media and some compromised “experts” are as transparently ridiculous as they are morally tragic. These efforts are being undertaken to nudge everyone in one direction and one direction only; towards being vaccinated. For those who have already made their choice on the matter, these efforts are certain to backfire. Hiding and lying are not good methods of persuasion.

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Chris, you mentioned the "vaccines" may cause a 1 % rate of serious adverse events. VAERS was designed to capture only short-term SAEs, and only a small fraction of those. Some researchers (...
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