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The User's Profile Chris Martenson November 30, 2021
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The following is a continuation of Part 1.  Click here to go to Part 1.

I recently interviewed Professor Mattias Desmet and I don’t think I’ll be the same afterwards. He is the Belgian Professor of clinical psychology who has been speaking out about the “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) that most western cultures are currently suffering under.

The framing he had was second-to-none, while his warning was an even sharper point; either speak up now or be prepared to eventually experience mass atrocities. Hyperbole? No, not at all.

Every feature of prior Mass Formations is now on display. Learning about the se features will help you both understand why you have to simply let go of attempting to reach ~30% of the population (potentially including people you know and love) while being brave enough to continue to stand up and say what needs saying (while it can still possibly help).

This is who we are, the ~10%-20% of people who are for whatever reasons immune to falling victim to the perverse psychology of Mass Formation moments. We have a vital, critical, important role in helping the future turn out better than it would were we to remain silent.

The agenda and the players are now clearly defined. We know who is who and where they stand on the field of history. There are those who are vigorous proponents of transhumanism, technocracy, and totalitarianism. We know why they stand there and can even appreciate that they are “true believers” who see themselves as ushering in a better future for all.

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