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Mandates Have Nothing to Do with Public Health

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 02, 2021
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Once again publicly available data demonstrate that vaccines are not reducing infectivity or transmission, and only very temporarily reducing symptomatic outcomes, 2 of the main criteria for an injection to be considered a vaccine. Public health officials are brazenly proclaiming these embarrassing facts, while at the same time continuing to push vaccination mandates as the one and only sure-fire way to stop the spread of SARS2.

There’s literally zero emphasis on ‘preparing one’s terrain’ or having measurably useful levels of vitamin D, a BMI below 30, and getting adequate minimal exercise – all things proven to limit the worst of Covid.

At this point, anyone with a working brain can see that whatever the vaccine mandate push is for, that it is not about public health and stopping the transmission of COVID. But real consequences are in force, including millions of people losing their jobs and livelihoods.

For the most part, mandates currently do not allow exclusions for prior infection or for those with terrible reactions to prior vaccines or the first jab.  Enforcement will affect some of society’s most important members including firemen, police, nurses, sanitation workers, pilots, armed servicemen and women, and many other categories.  Are we really willing to erode our national vigor on the basis of vaccine data that no longer supports the claims?

Where will all of this lead?

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