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Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Covid-19 Is Still Badly Failing Us

user profile picture Adam Taggart Aug 14, 2020
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Over half a year into the pandemic and yet the US mainstream media continues to badly fail us when it comes to keeping the public well-informed about the coronavirus and what we can do to protect our health.

First, it remains either silent or complicit in failing to hold our national “leaders” to account.

Early on, it failed in challenging authorities who dismissed and downplayed the covid-19 threat, like CDC Director Robert Redfield who — before reversing and calling for national lockdowns — flatly discouraged Americans from purchasing sanitizers, wearing masks, or stocking up on needed prescriptions.

Yet now, instead of asking tough questions of those like Redfield or WHO Director Tedros Adhanom (who refused for months to declare covid-19 a pandemic), the media continues to simply parrot their statements, many of which continue to fly in the face of the data.

And why is no one in the media asking why there’s been zero guidance given to boosting our immune systems? Good nutrition, sunlight (Vitamin D), more sleep, physical activity, stress management — these are extremely cheap ways to reduce our bodies’ vulnerability to the virus — and yet, not a peep from officials or a probing question from the media.

Sadly, when it comes to staying well-informed, whether on covid-19 or across an increasing number of topics important to our lives, we remain on our own…

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