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Lying Virologists Caught – And Why This Matters

The User's Profile Chris Martenson July 18, 2023
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I’ve been hot on the trail of the lab origin of Covid since early 2020.  And I brought logic, data, and receipts to make my case.

All along the way something that really vexed me was the obviousness of the lies that Fauci, Andersen, Koopman, Baric, Daszak, Garry, Lipkin,  Rambault and all the rest were telling.

Well now, thanks to a slip-up by the investigating Congressional committee (which ‘blacked out’ some emails but apparently didn’t know that PDF editor can undo those ‘blackouts’) we have even more evidence that demonstrates that the public statements by these lying virologists and career bureaucrats were entirely in opposition to their private statements.

They said, in private:

  • That they couldn’t rule out lab leak
  • That they knew perfectly well how to create nCov (later ‘Covid-19’) in the lab with serial passaging
  • That they knew perfectly well how to genetically engineer this virus without leaving a trace
  • And that it was unthinkably poor practice to try and attempt such engineering in a BSL-2 lab

But this is not what they said in public, both at the time and more recently in a Congressional hearing.

Worse, Congres had all of this but utterly failed to make it a point to hold their words and deeds fully to the light of day.  So those hearings were just another form of Kabuki theater.  Which means there’s no help coming. 

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