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Lifestyles of the Resilient

Information Scouts
By Rick Cox
April 24, 2022

Lifestyles of the Resilient

Information Scouts
By Rick Cox on
April 24, 2022

As a person actively preparing since the late 80s, the term resilience has many meanings for me. Am I resilient as a person, physically and mentally? Is my family resilient as well? Is our living arrangement resilient? Do we have resiliency in our plans and preparations? All of these are critical questions, ones I focus on every day, because there is always room for improvement and new ideas to incorporate. In this article I will address the types of preparedness in terms of numbers and the two primary options for one’s retreat or refuge location. Types of Prepared People Just

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I see prepping as a lifestyle: homesteading, fishing, hunting, self defense, and taking care of one's own family. Also helping others when you can. Mormons require their members to keep ...
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