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user profile picture Chris Martenson Sep 08, 2021
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This video is a continuation. If you haven’t watched Part 1, find it here.

The war on Ivermectin has slipped into truly bizarre territory, with outright lies and falsehoods not only being made by the press, but allowed to stand even after being caught and exposed.

Vaccine effectiveness is wearing off rapidly in Israel, which completely undermines the stark vaccine mandates being enforced in Canada, the US and Australia.  People without vaccines are rapidly being “othered” and marginalized, with the premier of Victoria Australia going so far as to say that those without vaccines will be ‘locked out’ of society and the economy.

Jobs are being lost as people refuse to submit to the polices.  Add it all up and there’s a very real risk of an explosive outcome, where society finally ruptures and bad things happen.

Adding fuel to that particular bonfire are the Fed’s deeply divisive and enormously unfair policies of enriching the already unfairly enriched.

How will you react? How will you make decisions?  How will you stay oriented during these turbulent times?  These are the things we’ll be discussing in today’s video and comments behind the paywall.

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