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Keep Your Eye On This Ball!

Creak! Pop! Join Chris & Paul for another revelatory and insightful romp through the world of popping financial rivets and newly sprung holes in the monetary dike. This week, the yen, gold and what the prospect of sharply higher interest rates would mean for investors.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 18, 2024
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In this week’s Finance U with Paul Kiker we discuss the yen’s downward spiral and how this could disrupt a multi-decade investment strategy (called the carry trade) and lead to Japan’s forced selling of US Treasury bonds which could spike interest rates.

Of course, it’s equally possible that the Fed opens up a secret ‘swap line’ and just prints up and hands over as many dollars as necessary to Japan’s BoJ.  Anything to keep the game moving along, right?

Yes, our markets have become ““markets”” and the necessary interventions by the central banks to keep the whole mess somewhat operational are growing in both frequency and scale.

As we all know, those practices have an expiration date.  Getting yourself positioned for that eventual financial crisis has to happen before the fact to be effective.

As we can all feel, “something” is up.  I believe we can track the progress of the story by paying attention to the big pieces, namely the yen, the US Treasury 10-yr rate, and gold.

Enjoy the show!

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