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June Peak Insider Live – REPLAY

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 21, 2024
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This is a Replay of June’s Peak Insider Live, Where Chris answers questions directly from the tribe each month.  PIL’s are for subscribers of the site only, so there is no teaser video for this type of content.  Consider subscribing as a Peak Insider or Key Supporter to gain access to these monthly sessions.   This month’s call included the following topics:

  • Chris & Evie’s nuclear preparations
  • Save the bond market, or the dollar:  What will the Fed do?
  • The importance of building community
  • Should you pay off your mortgage
  • Is it time for civil disobedience?
  • How likely is it that there will be NO election in 2024
  • The argument for silver being much higher in price
  • The implications of an actual World War

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