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Is Nuclear War Survivable?

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 24, 2023
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This story was originally posted in March of 2022.  I really hate being here again. Seems every so often world events come together to make the prospect of the use of nuclear weapons a possibility.  Here was a tweet from Michael Yon just this morning.

Part 1

Is a nuclear war survivable? Yes. Well, as long as you weren’t in the direct blast zone. And as long as all the nukes aren’t creating some global nuclear winter nightmare. But the fallout from a blast?  Very survivable as long as you know what to do. That’s what I cover in this video using my usual combination of facts and framing. Here’s some context on the situation:

The highest America ever raised its nuclear war rating system was Defcon 2. The year was 1962 and the Soviet Union was attempting to place ICBMs in Cuba (just minutes from the U.S. coastline by missile). President John F. Kennedy responded with a blockade around the island, and we came that close to an all-out (nuclear) war.

Many “trusted advisors” called for a war back then. Luckily, our young president knew war would have been madness, and he backed us off the cliff.

My how things seem to have changed.

JFK is not here, and it’s not a blockade with ships and sailors. Instead, for a nation that has little strategic value to us (unlike missiles in Cuba), our president decided to spike the entire Russian economy by banning its profitable energy business. Combined with the actions of banks, corporations and other nations, Biden’s economic blockade is not of a small puppet island, but of Russia itself. Whether you agree with the decision or not, I have no doubt that President Biden’s decision is destined to send Russia to economic lows that nation hasn’t experienced in decades.

What happens when Vladimir Putin decides to respond is anyone’s guess. He’s made it clear to everyone, Russia is a nuclear power and he’s not afraid to use his missiles.  Nuclear war in 2022 is just as mad as 1962, yet we seem hellbent on poking the bear and possibly starting a war no one should want.

So, while Biden has yet to change the Defcon levels, prudent people need to ask: Are we at Defcon 2 again? And what can we do about it?

The reality is there is a lot we can do.

YouTube video

Part 2

In 2014 and then 2016, we were “there.”

So, time again to revisit the sort of preparations you can undertake to improve your odds and chances if nuclear events occur.

I have covered this extensively in the past, and those pieces stand up well today. I’ll be revisiting them and updating them, but in the meantime, here’s a trove of material to help you get oriented.


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