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Is it Incompetence or Malice?

user profile picture Ivor Apr 07, 2022
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This is the continuation of Informed Consent Part 1 where Chris and George Gammon focused on the Fed and its mismanagement of the U.S. economy. Plus they discussed the impact of the UE sanctions on coal and fertilizer around the globe and what that means for food production and our standard of living.

In Part 2, Chris and George discussed the WEF, Russia and the downstream problems caused by the US and EU sanctions and how China might react… Of course, at this point, this discussion explored these and other issues that Big Tech platforms will censor such as: Why there is a seemingly universal drive to use Russian war crimes as a pretext for the West to go to war with one of the world’s top nuclear powers? Mutually assured destruction, anyone? Also, how does all this fit into the Great Reset pushed by the World Economic Forum and its cronies, like Justin Trudeau?

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. What really impresses me is that the Chinese govt got out of the way and indirectly or directly encouraged...
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