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Is A Recession On The Way? – Finance University With Paul Kiker

Several indicators are screaming “recession!” But the “”markets”” are happily rising higher all over the globe on an obvious wall of central bank liquidity. Can ‘they’ print us out of the nose-dive? What if they don’t? What should investors be considering? Tune in to find out.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 01, 2024
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Far too many indicators are screaming recession at the moment.  But the “”markets”” remain bulletproof.

What’s the story there?

In this podcast, Paul Kiker and I discuss these indicators and range widely as we puzzle through how to position oneself given these crosscurrents.

One of the most profound indicators is a collection of indicators called the “Leading Economic Indicators” or the LEI.   Since 1960 this indicator has reliably been associated with 100% of all called recessions when it is -5% or below.

Today it is well below that level.  But the wall – nay, the flood – of liquidity that the central banks have been pouring on the “”markets”” has managed to keep a recession from being officially called.

But the mass layoffs and a declining social mood as middle class and lower economic rungs struggle with high inflation and a migrant invasion are more consistent with a recession.  Tune in to hear more.

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