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Introducing ‘Off The Cuff with Mish & Chris’

user profile picture Adam Taggart Jun 09, 2011
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Today we’re introducing something new that we think you’ll enjoy.

From time to time, in between the long hours Chris spends compiling his in-depth reports or preparing for interviews, I’m able to coax him to put down the keyboard. These fun, fascinating moments are one of the best perks of my job: I get to chew the fat with Chris about interesting developments of the day and hear his unfiltered, work-in-progress thinking.

I feel kind of guilty about my good fortune here. I know there are many of you who would dearly love this opportunity to sit down informally, one-on-one with Doc M and just watch his brain run. So, we’re going to try to give our enrolled members the best substitute for this experience we can – actually, a bit better.

Better because we’re recruiting someone of Chris’ intellectual horsepower for him to spar with. My ego might be bruised if it weren’t another of my personal heroes: Mike “Mish” Shedlock, proprietor of the very popular and extremely well-regarded econoblog, Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis.

Today we’re releasing the first installment of Off The Cuff with Mish & Chris. We intend it to become a regular series of brief but lively conversations between these two deep thinkers. Totally unscripted and informal, as if you were listening while hanging out with them over a beer. (If you want two beers’ worth, go listen to Steve Patterson)

In this inaugural podcast, Chris and Mish bite into:

  • Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s announcement yesterday that in his view, more monetary stimulus is needed to support the economic ‘recovery’
  • Recent new strategies in tackling needed state and sovereign pension reforms
  • What’s likely to happen with the EU fiscal crisis

Click the play button below to listen to the first-ever Off The Cuff with Mish & Chris (runtime 18m:44s):

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We hope you find this new series both enlightening and fun.

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I will enjoy this very much.  Thanks!  … dons
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