Home Insanity!  Israel Bombs An Embassy, Kills Aid Workers

Insanity!  Israel Bombs An Embassy, Kills Aid Workers

Israel bombs and embassy killing 8. Scotland passes ridiculous ‘hate laws.’ The UK demands that every backyard chicken be registered with the state. What do these things all have in common?

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 02, 2024
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Well folks, it’s been a good run.  That’s how I’m feeling about it all.  The world’s chances to step back from the precipice are evaporating like fake morality when nobody is watching.

I worry sometimes that I’m being trolled by AI bots and being fed a particularly demoralizing string of Tweets, but the fact remains; these are all real things that are actually happening.

Perhaps nothing would be more insane for the world that a region wide conflagration in the Middle East.  Israel is doing everything it can to breach every convention and barrier, presumably in an attempt to ignite that war while dragging the US into it.

We have to resist this with everything we’ve got because (more…)

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This is how it feels when you’re handcuffed to a seat at the top of the stadium and finally notice how fast the water is...
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