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More Pieces Are Moving Into Place, How to Recognize Them

Episode 65 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 14, 2022
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Truth be told, it’s hard not to be a little “doomsday” focused when so many negative issues rear up at the same time. At Peak, we really are about sharing insights that inform our readers and create an atmosphere for improving all our lives. It’s why we have such a focus on Resilience. It’s why we are planning our Honey Badger Gathering 2022. But when the hits keep coming and the Main Stream Media seems unwilling to focus on them, instead they deflect by othering or simply ignore the problems, it’s our obligation to share and dissect the factors and the potential impact for our readers.

On Monday, I sent out an Alert to Peak Insiders (a feature of their subscription package). It wasn’t to ratchet up their fear; it was the reality of what I saw Sunday night. And yes, as I read the data before me, I did get an uncomfortable boost in my own personal fear-meter. It’s not looking good out there. Should I have ignored it and focused on something else? No. That would be a disservice to our subscribers, our Tribe.

In today’s Part 2, I wanted to follow up our discussion on the very worrisome drought, impacting the southwestern half of the U.S. and approximately 40 million people, by discussing the indicators that point to real trouble for all of us worldwide.

Whether you like the tone of our headlines or not, or feel we sometimes are too negative, the first step to resilience and a better life is understanding the problems unfolding before us and how we can prepare to navigate through them.

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