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More Pieces Are Moving Into Place, How to Recognize Them

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson
June 14, 2022

More Pieces Are Moving Into Place, How to Recognize Them

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson on
June 14, 2022

Truth be told, it’s hard not to be a little “doomsday” focused when so many negative issues rear up at the same time. At Peak, we really are about sharing insights that inform our readers and create an atmosphere for improving all our lives. It’s why we have such a focus on Resilience. It’s why we are planning our Honey Badger Gathering 2022. But when the hits keep coming and the Main Stream Media seems unwilling to focus on them, instead they deflect by othering or simply ignore the problems, it’s our obligation to share and dissect the factors and

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Great video, as always. It is clear that you spend enormous effort putting these videos together for our benefit. I can't thank you enough. Here is a positive thought related ...
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