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How To Navigate the Coming Inflation

Chapter 4 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 30, 2023
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Bold prediction:  There’s a lot more inflation on the way.

Actually, it’s not that bold, because inflation is a monetary phenomenon, and that makes it a matter of policy, which is under the direct control of people, and people are people.

So they will do the same things today (and tomorrow) that were done elsewhere and at other times all throughout history.

They’ll print, and then print some more.

Every now and then they have to gain some sort of political cover for their printing, which is always some form of “emergency” that forced them – forced I tell you! – to go against their better selves and simply print up and distribute gobs of money.

It was the LTCM (long term capital management) fiasco in 1998 that led to more printing.  It was the dot-com bubble breaking in 2001 that led to more printing.  It was the housing bubble bursting and the Great Financial Crisis that led to even more printing.  Then it was a REPO emergency.  And a slight dip in stocks.  But then it was the granddaddy excuse of them all – Covid – that truly opened the floodgates.

The point being, it’s always something!

The bottom line to all this is that we should all expect lots and lots more printing and more inflation.  The way to survive and even thrive during such times is to be weighted toward hard assets.

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