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Here They Come!  And They Want To Criminalize Your Words.

There is not one single historical example of collectivist/communist/authoritarian states that didn’t end up with mass atrocities, reduced prosperity and generally awful living conditions for the masses. We’re on that road again…

The User's Profile Chris Martenson April 23, 2024
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You would have thought that after the massive Covid debacles, where government misinformation and disinformation led to untold thousands of unnecessary deaths and gaps within childhood development and education, “they” would have been chastened.  Maybe slinked off to hide from their fellow humans out of shame.

But, no, that’s not how ‘they’ work.  They double down when caught.

With Scotland’s recent “hate speech” laws somewhat out of the news, now it’s Canada’s and Australia’s turn to pick up the mantle of awful laws and rulings.

Not to be outdone, a quorum of traitors in the US Congress and Senate decided to extend and vastly expand the warrantless spying on US citizens, after carefully excluding themselves, of course.

And I only mean ‘traitors’ in the sense that they clearly and openly violated the US Constitution which they swore an oath to uphold upon taking office.


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