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Government Policies Are Hurting and Harming

The fact pattern isn’t very cheery; those in charge are actively and directly harming their own citizens and they seem clueless about that fact, or it’s intentional. Which is worse?

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 07, 2024
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It’s a fact; government policies are driving the cost of housing out of all bounds of decency in Australia (and elsewhere, of course), the new “policies” about ‘risky’ bioresearch are virtually guaranteed to make us all a lot less safe, and hospital policies killed people such as in Bergamo Italy.

Add it all up and our technocratic classes have entirely lost the plotline unless that plot involves harming and killing everyone.

So, what do we do with that information, exactly?


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Chris Martenson:
We should find a way to wrap our minds and hearts around the reality of this situation. We should “believe them the first time.”

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