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Glenn Meder: Achieving Online Security and Privacy

Are you as secure as you think you need to be from hacking, scamming and the prying eyes of big tech and bigger government? None of us really are. Good news – Glenn Meder of the Privacy Academy is here to help.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 20, 2024
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In today’s Off The Cuff interview, I speak with online/digital security and privacy expert Glenn Meder about the upcoming free webinar he’s hosting for Peak Prosperity followers.

As we learned in the Protecting Your Wealth from the Great Taking webinar, SIPC portfolio insurance doesn’t cover hacking or scams.  If you fall victim to those, tough luck.

That’s true for a lot of bank and credit card scams too, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated, including AI generated calls that mimic the voice of a loved one in some sort of desperate trouble with the law or kidnappers.

Glenn takes us through some of the basic steps everyone should consider to increase their security and privacy – which are increasingly related concepts.  One can be used to reduce the other.

Be sure to register for the free webinar by clicking this link.  In prior years, we’ve received nothing but glowing reviews about Glenn’s offerings and so we’re happy to offer them up once again.

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