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Getting to a Future That Has a Future

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Executive Summary
The 3 fundamental activities society will need to prioritize in order to manage our contracting economy & resources
How food production will need to evolve if we are to continue to feed ourselves in the future
How pursuing "growth" is wasting us precious time and energy
Mandatory transition will be needed across all sectors: transportation, health care, urban planning, manufacturing, trade, etc.

If you have not yet read Part I: Growth is Obsolete, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

The problem of growth in its current context is first a problem of language, but do not make the mistake of supposing that this is just a semantic argument. Language is the human animal's primary tool-kit for accomplishing anything in groups, whether it is hunting bison or putting a spacecraft on the moon. If you use the wrong tool you are likely to mismanage the task. Now the primary task facing humans in this moment of history is managing contraction and our goal should be to manage it in a way that minimizes the potential for hardship and suffering. It must be obvious, then, that "growth" in the broad sense that we use the term is not conducive to facilitate "contraction" in the broad sense. The promiscuous use of the word "growth" in our economic debates only confuses us and paralyzes our ability to construct a coherent narrative about what is happening in the world and how we might enter a plausible future which extraordinary events are now shaping.
Three Fundamental Activities
I propose that we substitute the term "activity" for "growth" in our public debates over how our economy can function in the face of the manifold crises of population overshoot, climate change, peak cheap oil, and capital scarcity. There are an endless number of purposeful activities we can undertake to address these large problems that do not connote growth. The three fundamental categories of…

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I am going to take a contrary stance, not because it is more valid but because it is much more fun. 
Malthus was right, so if we...
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