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Get the Answers You Seek – Replay Available

In these rapidly changing times, join Evie and I at the Peak Insider Live Event. This isn’t just another talk – it’s a chance to delve deep into the pivotal shifts we’re experiencing. Bring your questions, and together, let’s bolster our shared resilience and chart a course through this intricate landscape with clear, informed understanding.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson August 19, 2023
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In a world spinning like a top, where recession, shortages, and inflation are the new normal, understanding the vast complexities and planning for what lies ahead is not just beneficial – it’s critical.

You’ve listened to me delve into the very essence of resilience, speak about the tests our lifestyles are undergoing, voice my anxieties about censorship, and discuss the phenomenon of the 4th Turning unfolding right before our eyes.

It’s evident that we’re amidst a tidal wave of change, a metamorphosis that’s tweaking the very threads of our society. This change brings with it a cascade of questions. Your daily emails, comments, and messages tell me one thing: you’re not mere spectators. You are passionate, inquisitive, and rightfully anxious inhabitants of this changing world.

To honor your steadfast journey towards comprehension and readiness, we bring to you once again our monthly Peak Insider Live Event – a virtual get-together that stands apart from the usual. This is where Evie and I deep dive into your most urgent queries. Be it the puzzling global economic landscape, strategies for resilience in these turbulent times, or a quest for clarity on our era’s grand narrative, we’re all ears.

The drill is simple:

Pre-Event Question Submission: Drop your questions in the comments starting today. This helps us gather and tackle a broad spectrum of topics.

Live Q&A Session: While we’ll spotlight frequent queries, there’s always room for spontaneous questions.

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Will a recording be posted? If not, can someone from the Peak team please say so, so that I can stop checking lol.
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