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Gardening and Integrity

user profile picture Chris Martenson Sep 18, 2020
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What in the heck does gardening have to do with integrity?  Plenty…every activity has lessons embedded within it if we’re paying attention.  I had 30 years of gardening practices (mistakes, really) chucked out the window within the first 30 minutes of touring Singing Frogs Farm.

Such is life when you allow data to inform your views and to learn from insight (rather than pain).

This video represents our first attempts at upgrading the video experiences for our users.  Along with Livio Sanchez, a supremely experienced video editor and producer, Evie and I are working hard to figure out how to expand our message in a way that can reach more people.  In other words we are wide open to any and all critiques.

The basic framing is this; we’ve reached a lot of people using words, charts, and logic.  We feel there are many more people to be reached (possibly some or many that you know personally or professionally) using stories, examples, images and by opening our hearts and lives to the world.

So we’re looking for stories (which means we’ll be asking for brave volunteers from this community to similarly share their knowledge and experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly) with which people can connect and in which they can visualize themselves.

We’re also looking to create a stronger sense of community here among our tribe.  Evie and I are busy building a physical community and supporting infrastructure here in Chester MA and we’re planning to document the journey.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Why?  Because this is our mission, something we feel passionately about and are drawn to (hopefully not like moths to a candle).  We’re pouring our hearts and souls into this project the same as I have dedicated myself to Peak Prosperity over the years. People need models to follow and sometimes ‘seeing is believing.’

There’s a lot of incredible material out there and plenty of deep thinkers all wrestling with trying to re-write our narrative in time, and to frame the issues, problems and predicaments in new ways.  Many of them are wayyyyy beyond me in their organized and structured thinking (Rebel Wisdom, Daniel Schmactenberger, Nate Hagens, and Charles Eisenstein are a few), but still I note a paucity of actual models to examine.  The thinking is there, but who’s already living that way?  Where are the physical examples to follow and absorb?

All of this is in service to the idea that we have to begin trying new things, taking new risks, and letting go of that which no longer serves us, which is hard work in the best of times.  I don’t know if investing in these new videos will work, or if they will be well received.  But my intuition is very strongly indicating that it’s time to try anything and everything to reach more people.  Now is the time.  The circumstances are quite urgent.

Consider this a ‘pivot’ away from problem definition and towards solution space.  I’ve been at this a long time and I have a lot to share.  I’ve put considerable energy into each of the eight forms of capital (financial, emotional, living, time, cultural, material, knowledge, and social) and my hypothesis is that millions of people are waking up and realizing that they should be more resilient.

A great reskilling movement to go along with a back to the land movement, all driven by the twin realizations that not only is there an expiration date on the consumer culture but there’s a better life to be had too.  One that is more connected, more fulfilling, and more satisfying.

Evie and I are already living that dream, as are many of you, and we feel like it’s time to bring that to the world.  So here’s one of our ‘rapid prototypes’ towards that aim.

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