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Forget Bitcoin, How to Harvest Rainwater and Thrive

user profile picture Shay Jackson Jun 04, 2022
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It’s time to focus.

When you are trying to survive, besides shelter, what do you need most? Water. When you’re stressed or overheated, what do you need? Water. In need of a good meal, what do you need with it? Water.

Whether in a luxury apartment overlooking Central Park or a small hut in Central America, you need the same thing most. Water.

You don’t need Bitcoin when world leaders warn an impending power grid or internet shutdowns. Or when entire cities and states are going dry because droughts are starving reservoirs. Crypto can’t hydrate you or your garden.
I’m telling you, dear reader, in 2022 it’s time to save as much water as you can.
Your Idea of Enjoying Water Will Change Dramatically in 30 Years

There’s more trouble in the market besides currency and finance. Quality water sources are dwindling at an alarming rate.

California is in a Water Crisis, Yet Usage is Way Up. Officials Are Focused on The Wrong Problem, Advocates Say – CNN, May 15, 2022
Colorado River is in Crisis, and It’s Getting Worse Every Day – Washington Post, May 14, 2022
The Looming Florida Water Shortage Crisis –, May 13, 2022
UN Issues Drought Disaster Warning – Al-Manar News,  May 12, 2022
As drought crisis deepens, government will release less water from Colorado River reservoir – L.A. Times, May 3, 2022
The Lack of Frozen Water is Alarming: California Left With Little Snow
as Drought Continues – Independent, May 2, 2022
Extreme Heatwave in India And Pakistan Causes Power And Water Shortages – The Guardian, April, 28, 2022
Recording Breaking Drought Means Higher Food Prices – And Billions In Farm Losses – Forbes, April 21, 2022
Drought Hits South America River, Threatening Vast Ecosystem – Associated Press, August 6, 2021

The place we all still call home (Earth) is not being managed correctly. There are a multitude of governments, companies and people benefiting from clean and safe water while millions suffer. Since water is as essential as essential gets around here, caring about your water impact and consumption is crucial to the success and survival of our families, and future generations.

Everything in our reality will not belong to us forever. Even if we were to live forever, we should consider how our steps will impact our children and how our ancestors’ steps impacted us. For tomorrow is borrowed from our next generation.

Do you find yourself wondering what the former generations were thinking in…

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Great Article On Water!
Shay - thanks for this amazingly comprehensive article.
As luck would have it, I am just preparing a piece on the drought in...
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