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Follow The Action From The Peak Prosperity Annual Seminar

user profile picture Adam Taggart Apr 26, 2019
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It’s finally here — our favorite weekend of the year!

The 2019 Peak Prosperity annual seminar kicks off today. Over 160 attendees and presenting experts from all over the globe, bonding together in beautiful northern California wine country.

When time allows, we’re asking the attendees to post their observiations/thoughts/feedback in the Comments section below, so that the entire Peak Prosperity worldwide audience can follow along.

And beyond that, for the first time ever, we’re filming the seminar.

Folks have been requesting this for years. It’s been a challenge for a number of reasons, but we’re committed to meeting this need for the many people who couldn’t travel out here for this year’s live experience.

So we’ve got a crew in place to capture the full two and a half days’ worth of presentations. It will be a LOT of great content.

And as a special subsidy for those with the greatest interest, while the live event is going on this weekend, we’ll be taking pre-orders for purchases of the seminar video for the discounted price of $225.

Next week, once the event is over, the video will start selling for its regular retail price of $295 on Friday May 3rd (which is still less than 50% of the cost of a general admission ticket to the seminar).

So if you’re one of the folks who has been waiting years for this opportunity, pre-order your copy before then:


As a reminder, event speakers include Chris & Adam, John Rubino, Axel Merk, Wolf Richter, Jeff Clark, the team from New Harbor Finanical, Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser (no-till farming), Jeff Mathias (home energy), Michael Basta (emotional resilience), Dan Widger (Emergency Preparation), Micah Kradin (function fitness & nutrition), Anthony Ebright (mobility), Joe Stumpf (success mindset), Tom Cairns (personal security) — and more.

We promise this is enough to give you a very full brain. And the great advantage of the video is that you can replay the material as often as you need to get the learnings to sink in.

So, keep track of the seminar in real-time through the comments below… but but don’t forget to first pre-order your video at the discounted price!

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