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Flying for the Holidays? Pack Prepared Like an Airline Professional

The User's Profile Stewart November 19, 2022
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For many resilience-focused people, flying commercial airlines creates a problem many don’t want to consider: what if things get crazy while I’m away from home with just some travel luggage?

Believe it or not, that friendly flight attendant offering drinks and snacks could be thinking just like you. So, here’s how they pack prepared.

If Things Fell Apart While Traveling

While it may seem like the stuff of a post-apocalyptic novel, John (not his real name to protect his employment) is a flight attendant for one of the largest, well-known airlines in the U.S. and he is concerned about the long emergency turning acute. Shortly after starting with the airline, he wondered how he would get home if something crazy happened while on the job. Could he pack a Bug-Out (or Get Home) Bag considering the strict rules of the federal Transportation Security Agency?

He is a former law enforcement officer, has been prepared for years, and knows flights have been grounded in the past leaving tourists and airline staff stranded away from home. After 9/11, the U.S. canceled every flight, and closed most public landmarks and buildings. In early 2020, nations worldwide grounded flights in response to Covid. This year more than 4,000 flights were cancelled worldwide in January due to weather and crew shortages, and U.S. west coast flights were grounded again after N. Korea launched missiles. If any of these situations escalated, planes could be grounded for a long period of time.

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Low Probability, High Impact
I’m glad I’m not the only person to think along these lines! I haven’t flown since 2020 and I’m not going to...
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