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Fight Now, or Fight Later

user profile picture Chris Martenson Aug 18, 2023
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What a time to be alive.  Everything you might have thought your country stood for, or imagined it was, has now been revealed to be an unsatisfying if not dangerous fraud.

The censors are back at it again, and the open weaponization of the (in)justice system is on open display.

But there is hope.

And that rests with just how desperate ‘they’ have become in the face of we the people doing unauthorized and unacceptable (to them) things.

Bud Light sales are down by 26%
The movie Sound of Freedom is the top box office smash
An every-guy singer from the sticks is crushing the charts with a heartfelt song observing the decay and miseries inflicted upon us all by a heartless caste system
Disney is suffering at the box office at their locations
Target’s sales are down an unignorably large amount

But the real concern here is how ‘they’ have begun charging people with “crimes” that weren’t crimes a few short years ago and, almost certainly, aren’t crimes even today.  At least in the sense that they are written down anywhere.

But that doesn’t matter to the cancel culture who have weaponized the process itself.  The process is the punishment.

Yes, you can probably win in court, maybe, but only after losing a few years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars defending yourself.

If we don’t stop them here, at these lines, we’ll have to stop them later at much more drastic lines in the sand.

Remember, anything you do to stop them today…

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