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Fauci’s Atrocious Record of Failure Sparks Empathy Within Dems

What’s worse, Fauci’s lying or the fact that so many Congresscritters are rushing to his defense after he harmed American children’s development, and turned in a 10x worse result than Uttar Pradesh? It’s hard to say.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 03, 2024
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Fauci is in front of Congress telling lies and conveniently forgetting anything and everything related to his meeting with Baric, intelligence agencies, and funding gain-of-function (GOF) research in Wuhan.

To hear Fauci speak, he really can’t remember much of anything.

Unless he’s spouting mistruths and making up science on the spot by talking about the remarkable safety and efficacy of the so-called ‘vaccines.’  Then he’s quite glib.

It turns out that Fauci:

  • Had no basis at all for the 6-foot rule
  • Had no studies supporting the effectiveness of masks
  • Did fund GOF research after all
  • Did meet with Ralph Baric n Feb of 2020 in his office
  • Did conspire to hide communications from potential and actual FOIA requests
  • Did make vast sums of money from pharmaceutical companies for undisclosed activities but we have to presume this includes Gilead/Remdesivir kickbacks and vaccine payoffs.

Is it possible that someone who stands to rake in hundreds oof millions of dollars for his organization might have an incentive to promote the vaccine and squash any cheap repurposed drugs that might invalidate the EUA?

Not only is it ‘possible’ it’s absolutely what happened until and unless that is proven otherwise.

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Chris Martenson:
Exactly zero of these Congressional Democrats asked even one question

I really want to be impartial and non partisan but again and again the Democrats...
Anonymous Author by redneck-engineer
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