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Fauci Lied, People Died (part 2)

Episode 7 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 05, 2021
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Too strong of a title?  No, not nearly strong enough.  Fauci’s emails reveal a pattern consistent with a conspiracy among a bevy of powerful people to force through the conclusion that SARS-CoV-2 had a natural origin.

My public YouTube video covers that evidence and it’s pretty strong.  Strong enough for a quality investigator to get a warrant to uncover the hidden parts of the emails.  I’d also go after their phones and text records.

Yes, conspiracies exist, and they happen all the time.  When power or ego or money are at stake, a lot of people will do some pretty horrible things.

Here’s a particularly good write up of just how godawful these people really are by Meryl Nass, MD:

Fauci runs the NIAID, Collins is the NIH director (nominally Fauci’s boss) and Farrar is director of the Wellcome Trust. Farrar also signed the Lancet letter. And he is chair of the WHO’s R&D Blueprint Scientific Advisory Group, which put him in the driver’s seat of the WHO’s Solidarity trial, in which 1,000 unwitting subjects were overdosed with hydroxychloroquine in order to sink the use of that drug for COVID.

Farrar had worked in Vietnam, where there was lots of malaria, and he had also been involved with SARS-1 there. He additionally was central in setting up the UK Recovery trial, where 1,600 subjects were overdosed with hydroxychloroquine.

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I love Chris.
He is a truth teller.
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