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Emotional Resilience

Early Bird Ticket Sales Extended, Available to All Subscribers

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 29, 2022
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The need for community, especially of like-minded people, has never been stronger. The economic indicators, as well as all of our personal experiences, are pointing to hard times…or is it harder times. And yet, we still must navigate the harsh reactions from too many people because we question the narrative…with data (it’s a bizarro world, indeed).

That’s why we need each other, and why we need to build our resilience.

Therefore, I feel it’s important to make this event as accessible as we can. Our team has decided to extend our Early Bird Ticket Sales to July 24. Because we have room. Because we want as many of you to attend. Because we should never feel alone in our world…but don’t wait. Early Bird Ticket Sales pricing for the Honey Badger Gathering will end July 24. Also, ticket sales are open to all subscriber levels (free to VIP).

Who Should Attend

So, what’s this gathering/conference all about? We are going to need community more than ever in the years to come. Many, like myself, do not have experience living in a community where people actually “need” each other. So, how do we go about building a durable community? History says that all durable communities or associations – be those religious or the Boy Scouts – share the same features. They have rituals, regalia, hierarchy, and mentoring. For the Boy Scouts, it would mean secret handshakes (ritual), neckerchiefs (regalia), different levels from Cub to Eagle Scouts (hierarchy), and they actively have older scouts teach younger scouts (mentoring).

At this gathering, we’ll have some of each, but we’re asking people to show up in one of two modes; active learner or as a mentor. Or better yet, both! We’re focussing on mentoring. We want you to bring a skill or knowledge to share, or to be ready to really listen and learn from your fellow tribe members. Anything and everything is welcome. Are you a skilled rabbit raiser? Do you know how to invest in Oil & Gas? Are you especially good at guitar or storytelling? Anything and everything is welcome.

Or bring whatever problem you are trying to solve or decision you are trying to make. I guarantee you – whatever your issue there will be someone here who can address it with expertise.

If you have something to share or teach, click here and at the right of the page you’ll see “Agenda”.  Fill out that short questionnaire. Easy.

And as we approach the July 4th weekend, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day than by taking steps to secure our own personal independence through resilience.

It will be a remarkable event for Tribe, continuous learning, community, a beautiful environment…and fun.

We hope you can join us.