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Dr. Simon Goddek – Vit D, Censorship and the Journey – Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jul 12, 2023
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Evie and I went up to Porc(upine)Fest in NH a couple of weeks back.  I was there as an FLCCC board member and representing Peak Prosperity, of course.

I heard a guy speaking in the Brownstone tent and immediately bonded with whoever it was.  In just a few sentences, I was thinking “This guy gets it!”

Little did I know it was Dr. Simon Goddek, who I had been interacting with and following over on Twitter for a long time, both before his permanent (pre-Elon) ban from Twitter, as well as after his triumphant resurrection.  When he introduced himself I lit up with glee.  Now it made sense why this strange guy was speaking so eloquently and in a way I immediately understood – I’d been listening to him for a good while.

Simon never pulls any punches.  He tells you exactly what he’s thinking.  He’s versed in several disciplines and speaks five languages.

With this Off The Cuff we’re taking a slightly different approach and splitting our show into two parts, as there’s just so much ground to cover with our esteemed guest. He’s a man whose journey mirrors those of many within our tribe and is emblematic of the resilience and unyielding quest for truth that we so value.

Dr. Goddek’s intellectual contributions in the field of health are extensive, with a plethora of papers penned on a variety of topics, including the crucial role of Vitamins B and D.

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