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Dismantling the Illusion: How Information Control Shapes Reality

Welcome to the not-so-secret garden of modern data feudalism, where your every swipe could be another petal in the bouquet of Big Tech’s grand scheme—and boy, do they have a green thumb.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 31, 2024
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So, what’s the big deal with data nowadays? Well, it’s like we’ve struck oil in our backyards, but instead of crude, it’s zeroes and ones flowing through the fiber-optic pipelines. It’s the new gold rush, and there’s a mad scramble for control. This isn’t just about who gets the biggest slice of the digital pie—it’s about baking an entirely new societal hierarchy. And here’s the kicker: as we increasingly lean on AI for everything from deciding which shoes to buy to diagnosing our sniffles, we’re inadvertently weaving a web of dependency. Are we nurturing a generation of tech-savvy savants or sleepwalking into becoming AI’s unquestioning sidekicks? Let’s unravel this tangled ball of yarn together and see where the threads lead us.

Whitney Webb and myself delve deeper into how this narrative might impact society at large or explore specific strategies for individuals and organizations to navigate this shift. Are you ready to join us as we decode the matrix of modern-day feudalism?

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