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Did Sunscreen Cause Cancer?

Episode 57

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 15, 2023
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As we head into the summer and sunny months up here in the Northern Hemisphere, I wanted to share a bit of thinking that fell out of some other research I was doing into Vitamin D.

Avoiding sun-induced skin cancer is not as simple as slathering on any old sunscreen you happen to grab at the drugstore.

You need to use a “Broad-Spectrum” sunscreen (good news, most are these days) but you’ll also want to keep up with your Vitamin D supplementation if you use such sunscreen religiously, or at least monitor your Vitamin D levels to maintain a serum level in excess of 50 nmol/L


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Two Things Have Never Made Sense To Me
That human beings can get too much sun. Seriously? We’re as much oriented to sun as we are...
Anonymous Author by vtgothic
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