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Dedollarization Is Picking Up Steam

Bond market auctions are rigged to always deliver a near-perfect 2.4 bid-to-cover ratio. Why does this matter to you? Because rigged markets always fail spectacularly. This time, with a Great Taking waiting in the wings…

The User's Profile Chris Martenson May 21, 2024
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The signals from gold and silver and copper are loudly clanging away.  Most have not yet caught on, but they will.

Dedollarization is underway and picking up steam.

Remember; slowly, then all at once.

That’s how these things tend to go.  We’re in the quickening phase.  Soon the too-fast-to-follow phase.

Then the dust settles and we all glance around to find out how well prepared we were.  None of us as much as we’d like, I’d wager.

But that’s okay, we’ll carry on and do the best we can, and probably find new joys and remember forgotten contentments along the way.

The issues we have to wrestle with run along two axes.


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If “they” can take hundreds of billions of dollars from a very large country with a big military and many many nukes… why wouldn’t they...
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