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Episode 80 Part 2

The User's Profile Chris Martenson October 18, 2022
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Covid came with a lot of lies that are only now being more widely exposed. My followers know that this process has nothing to do with the actual data involved as it’s actually a bizarre feature of human psychology that’s been hijacked by corporate and state actors to enrich themselves and entrench their power.

The big lies in Covid are still worth exploring because we each have important roles as missionaries within the common knowledge game, as Ben Hunt puts it. This all changes when and only if everybody knows that everybody knows that Big Lies have been told.

The Covid lies went far beyond lying about the effectiveness of the so-called vaccines at preventing transmission.

The lies include telling us that hospitals were full when they weren’t. The lies include telling us the virus came from nature when it came from labs that the U.S. helped to fund.

These lies combine into a pattern which force us to conclude that we’re being led by people who don’t appreciate much beyond their own naked greed and lust for power.

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