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Credit Chaos: The Unseen Economic Storm – Part 2 w/Ed Dowd

Ed Dowd has a history of being right and early. It’s time to discuss his view of the markets, what their issues are, and where they go from here. As he said, “Markets don’t top on selling, they top on a lack of buyers.”

user profile picture Chris Martenson Dec 06, 2023
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In part I we covered the excess deaths seen in the youngest and traditionally healthiest demographics – working-age people.  Healthier because they have jobs that provide a sense of purpose, higher incomes, and better healthcare on average than the unemployed.

Here in Part II, we cover the markets, the Fed, and whether commodities are undervalued at this moment in time.

I thoroughly loved being able to converse with someone of Ed’s depth and thoughtfulness about all things financial and market-related.


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