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Covid-19 Is On The Rise In 20+ States

The User's Profile Adam Taggart June 12, 2020
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In our last video, we predicted that we’ll know within the next 3-5 weeks if the loosening of state lockdowns and rash of nationwide protests will result in an increase in covid-19 cases.

Well…we may not have to wait that long.

Over 20 US states are already reporting rising coronavirus cases. How much higher things will surge from here remains unknown, but you can be certain will be monitoring closely.

Are we just entering the next verse of the hammer and the dance, the ongoing back-and-forth process of loosening defenses until cases rise, and then tightening them again until cases start falling once more? Quite possibly.

We realize this is unwelcome news to a populace with coronavirus fatigue. Millions of household that have been under forced lockdown for the past several months just want this to be over. Especially with the drop in perceived risk and the arrival of summer weather.

But what we want doesn’t really matter here. As this virus has told us from the start: “Honey Badger don’t care!“:

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