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Covid-19: Half A Million Dead. And Rising.

user profile picture Adam Taggart Jul 01, 2020
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Today marks a grim milestone as the world crosses the 10 million covid-19 cases threshold, as well as half a million dead from the virus.

And the counts keep rising.

Meanwhile, the debate somehow rages on: Is covid-19 a big deal or not?

In today’s video, Chris evaluates the arguments on both sides (spoiler alert: after doing so, he’s even more firmly in the “big deal” camp than before)

It’s little wonder that the US is managing the pandemic so poorly when we can’t even agree that millions infected, hundreds of thousands dead, sharply rising new cases in many states, and hospitals overflowing with increasingly young patients are cause for concern.

Or that the Federal Reserve, busy using the crisis as an excuse to enrich the billionaire class at the expense of everyone else, is run by a man who doesn’t know how to wear a mask protectively.

All this makes it easy for Chris to predict: Things are going to get worse before they get better

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