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Covid-19 A Result of Lab Manipulation? Suspicions Grow…

user profile picture Adam Taggart May 13, 2020
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Well, our “experts” continue to disappoint…

Why is it that so many of those we’re relying on aren’t being straight with us? Sure, we’ve come to expect that from politicians and the media. But scientists, too?

The chorus declaring that there’s no way that covid-19 could have originated in a lab appears blind to the troubling growing pile of concerning data.

A sudden lockdown of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in October 2019, where gain of function research on bat coronaviruses was being conducted, is being completely ignored.

Many of the arguments refuting lab origination are easily punctured. So easily, we wonder how they’re being put forth with a straight face.

The jury is still out on this question; but it’s clear that enough questions persist that we should all be able to agree that more data is needed before declarative conclusions should be offered on either side:

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As usual, we’re left to our own to do our own inquiry, think critically, and make up our minds on our own, versus blindly accept what we’re being told/sold.

So we’ll keep producing these daily videos for as long as you and our other viewers ask us to surface the data we’re looking at, so that you can develop an informed opinion on what’s truly going on.

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