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Coronavirus: The Calm Before The Storm?

user profile picture Adam Taggart Feb 18, 2020
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Good updates on the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic (aka covid-19) are becoming harder to obtain as governments tighten their grip on news sources.

The data being shared, particularly by the Chinese, are increasingly hard to believe. They don’t match the massive response the government is undertaking.

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Likewise, outside of China, reported cases remain lower than we would expect given the powerful R0 (i.e., infectiousness) of the virus, as well as its long asymptomatic incubation period.

Are we being intentionally kept in the dark?

Quite possibly. Chris walks through the possible reasons why, and points to the stock markets as a prime example of disinformation.

They’re currently being used to send an “everything is fine” signal, while in reality, the global economy is taking multiple gut punches from the disruption of the many supply chains dependent on China’s (currently quarantined) workers.

Is this current period of puzzling silence from officials the calm before the storm?

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