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Coronavirus Situation Is Quickly Going From Bad To Worse.

user profile picture Adam Taggart Feb 28, 2020
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The situation with the coronavirus is quickly going from bad to worse.

Hundreds of cases breaking out across the world, dozens of new deaths.

And, of course, these are just the official numbers. Many countries have inadequate/non-existent testing procedures, so the true numbers may be quite a bit higher.

As covid-19 continues to rip through the EU, Iran and South Korea, the US has just announced its first case of “communal infection”, meaning the virus may now be endemic here, as well.

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“Holy smokes! What should I do?” is now the #1 question on the mind of millions of people around the world waking up to this.

We are working on even more educational material you can share with those in your life who are late to the coronavirus preparation process we’ve all been on for week. But in the meantime, share these comprehensive forum threads that PP reader ‘dtrammel’ has created from all of our site discussions to-date:

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