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user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 25, 2010
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Here is the talk I plan to give…  After I received the strongest possible message from you that I should not hold back the message in any way, what you see below is the result.  At the same time, I wanted to keep the messaging on the positive/hopeful side, even if the core ideas are not.  It’s a fine line, so I am interested in your perspectives on that balance.

I am still wide open to revisions, and it will change between here and then. 

One tip:  Try to read it in your mind as though it were being spoken.  I plan to do a lot with various pauses and verbal emphasis, not all of which is indicated in the formatting below.

Also, the section headers will not be spoken out loud.

[Note:  I’ll tell you more about the Post-Carbon Institute retreat at a later time.  It was both exciting and sobering.  And it firmed my resolve to ‘say it like it is.’  There’s really no time for dilly-dallying anymore, at least if we are to believe that the world’s experts in human population footprint (ecological overshoot), population, water, and food are to be believed.]


Thank you for that kind introduction.

I am pleased and excited to have this opportunity to speak to you.   I want to thank the Commonwealth Club and its members for the invitation to speak, and the Post Carbon Institute for bringing me out here.

Tonight I want to illuminate the connection between energy and our economic future.

About me

Before I do, let me tell you a little bit about myself and the impact that the work I am about to share with you has had on my life and that of my family.

Six years ago as a married, 42-year-old professional with three young children, I lived in a suburban, five-bathroom house on the coast of Connecticut, had a secure position as a Corporate Vice President with a very large company, and a twin-engine fishing boat in a slip.

I loved that boat.

Today I live in house that is less than half the size of my prior one, I am now located in a semi-rural location, I have a strong local community, and I have a kayak.

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Top Comment

Very well done. I hope it goes well.
One minor quibble: “five-bathroom house”. Did you mean to say bedroom?
Also, while I agree with your premise that...
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