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Common Knowledge Alert! NYTimes Covers Vaccine Injuries

There’s a clear program of admitting vaccine injuries afoot. While certainly a cold and calculated move on the part of the PsyOp team, it risks an outbreak of Common Knowledge, which could get away from them.

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 06, 2024
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Even though it’s clearly still part of the ongoing Covid vaccine PsyOp, the NYTimes felt compelled to grudgingly cover vaccine injuries.

They used Apoorva Mandavilli as the “”journalist”” presumably because of her solid credentials as a card-carrying pharma apologist.    She predictably used minimizing language like that some people “believe” they were vaccine injured and always sticking to the Pharma pre-approved script that avoids ever using actual numbers.

So things were described as “rare” or “uncommon” or “mild” instead of using the actual numbers or rates as anybody would do prior to Covid.

Further, we have Dr. Jha, formerly of (more…)

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