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Chris on Yahoo! Finance: The Wisdom of Owning “Things” vs “Paper”

user profile picture Adam Taggart Oct 21, 2010
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Last week, Chris traveled to New York City for his second appearance on Yahoo! Finance’s Tech Ticker. 

Chris joined host Aaron Task in Tech Ticker’s Nasdaq studio to discuss his latest outlook on the ‘Three Es,’ namely that the fast-approaching arrival of Peak Oil and shortages of other key natural resources is going to put the breaks on global economic growth.

For traditional investments like stocks and bonds, which are priced on assumptions of future growth, this spells trouble.  How do you price these instruments in a world of flat – or even negative – growth?  No one knows for sure at this time, but Chris is confident the future price for these asset classes will be materially less than they now command.

Couple that with Chris’ concerns about the money printing and currency debasement that the major world economies are pursuing, and it’s no wonder that he recommends investors look to increase their holdings of hard assets vs “paper” ones.

If you haven’t seen them already, these clips are worth watching.  Aaron does a good job of probing Chris for actionable investing guidance, and you’ll see that Chris is comfortably in command using the Three E framework to provide cogent, well-rationalized answers to the questions tossed his way.

Buy “Things” Not “Paper”: Chris Martenson’s Case for Commodities vs Stocks


In World Without Growth, Buy “Water, Food and Warmth”, Chris Martenson Says


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