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Choosing To Do Nothing Now Has Large Consequences

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 07, 2020
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Imagine for a moment that you’re the captain of a jetliner.

You have 155 people on board, you’ve just lifted off, and suddenly a flock of geese appears.  The plane’s engines ingest too many birds and then permanently flame out.

There’s too little elevation to do much of anything.  There’s no thrust and no way of returning to the airport you just left.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re Captain “Sully” Sullenberger you smoothly land that plane on a nearby river and calmly perform two full sweeps of the cabin to assure you’re last person off the plane, losing zero lives in the process.

An exciting story with a critical point: there are moments in life when you don’t have the luxury of doing nothing.

When the SHTF, doing nothing has the same weight as doing something.  Each results in a defined outcome.

If Captain Sully had done nothing – had frozen in his chair or simply kept hopelessly pressing the engine restart buttons – the outcome almost certainly would have been mass death.

Why am I telling you this? Is it relevant to your life?


To understand why, imagine you have real power. Not just CEO-level power, but the sort of power invested in those who have to make the biggest of decisions.

Given the state of the world, where doing nothing matters as much as doing something, what decisions would you be making when your instrument panel is telling you:

  1. Fuel is dangerously low
  2. Flying conditions are poor
  3. Worse turbulence is ahead
  4. Critical software errors are popping up across vital systems

In real world terms, this translates into dwindling oil resources, climate instability, ecosystem stress, and a world economic/financial system overdue for  a massive debt reset.

In other words, sitting back and hoping this all resolves itself somehow is the same as ‘doing nothing.’  It’s a choice.

That path has a date with the brick wall of reality.  It risks blundering into an angry future that forces itself upon us all with chaotic fury.

The other path is to ‘do something.’  That could mean rallying the global leadership around the need to at least try to chart a new course.  To reset our approaches and re-tune them for the world that actually exists — not the one we used to have, or wish we did.

The rationale here is pretty straightforward.  Exponential growth on a finite planet has always had an expiry date stamped on it.  Even if we haven’t wanted to admit that to ourselves.

Well, that expiration date has now resolved and can be clearly read.  It’s 2020.

Which is why the great powers running today’s world are mobilizing. They are choosing to “do something”. What the repercussions of their plan will be, time will tell.

Their grand response is called The Great Reset.  If you haven’t heard much about it, you soon will.  It’s going to reshape everything about your future.  Mine too.  Everyone’s in fact.

It’s equally true that even if global leadership had selected the ‘do nothing’ path, that too would have impacted your future just as profoundly, and probably more disruptively.

At any rate, the future is arriving.  It’s time to adjust to that as quickly as you can. Because those who do will have the best chance of not only thriving, but being part of the team that creates the new future.

A few will actively participate in the creation this new future.  Most will passively observe its formation and be left to react to things as they emerge.

In such momentous times, there are three things you need to get right:

  1. Accurately assess the situation
  2. Orient yourself and develop options
  3. Take decisive actions

It’s no different than being caught in a riptide.

If you are unaware of the real reason why the shoreline is rapidly receding then you’ll probably either be lost out to sea or drown as you exhaust yourself trying to swim back to shore.

If, instead, you can accurately assess that you’re trapped in a riptide, orient yourself to swim perpendicular to the flow, and then swim decisively out of the current. You’ll stand a good chance of surviving the adventure.

In Part 2: The Great Reset Is Already Underway I detail out all of the latest specifics we know so far about The Great Reset. The more we learn about this globally-coordinated — and very public — initiative, the more cogs drop into place for why our system operates the way it does, and what it will demand of us going forward.

This is huge moment in history. Events are sweeping us along. So we better start accurately assessing the situation, the key players and their objectives, and formulate a plan of action if we want to come out on the right side of what’s ahead.

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