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Cheatle Evades While More Troubling Questions Emerge About What Happened In “The Other Building”

Cheatle stonewalls and lies, while the grey-suited man raises questions. Meanwhile things look very bad for whoever was in the two story building and really tough and troubling questions emerge. The Citizens’ Investigation plows on!

The User's Profile Chris Martenson July 23, 2024
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In today’s episode, I cover Cheatle’s ridiculously awful performance in from of Congress and tear it apart.  When she wasn’t ducking question outright, she was giving false and incomplete answers.  Of course, I am there with the receipts.

We can’t let this harpy re-write history to her incompetent and weaselly standards.

As well I discuss “the grey-suited man” who Senator Ron Johnson surfaced as possibly being an ATF agent.  If you thought things were weird already, buckle up.

Further, The story about the “local” ESU sniper team that was in the two-story building is now a complete train wreck.  I cover all the angles for that story as well.

Finally, the ever-shifting blame game is firmly centered on who exactly was in charge of what with every Leo body actively pointing at somebody else.

But that’s a  side-show compared to answering the question “Who exactly was in that second-story building and what did they see?”

Even more pointedly, my audio evidence clearly points to shot #9 as being the only one that could possibly be from one of the local snipers.

All the other shots are accounted for except this one.  We know the local ESU agent “took one shot.”  That’s according to the Beaver County AG.

We can perfectly account for the ‘final’ sniper shot from across the fairground originating with the farther sniper team.

Which raises an observation and a really troubling series of questions.  The observation is that if this was a shot by the ESU (and it is) it is only one shot.  That means it had to be a ‘box shot.’  Only a shot to the head will stop someone guaranteed.  If it were a body shot, there would have been others in that series.

But there wasn’t.  There was only one.

Now for the troubling questions.

  1. Where was the shot taken from? The only place that makes sense is from that two-story building because we know they were already in there, the window was open, and that’s the only place where a close shot could be taken from an overwatch vantage point.
  2. So, how long had they had him in their sights? According to a local eyewitness, who is certain because they were trying to grab their attention in the minutes before the shooting about the ‘guy on the roof with a gun.’
  3. So why didn’t they engage Crooks before he shot?
  4. Why didn’t SS snipers engage Crooks before shots rang out?
  5. Who exactly was in that room at the time of the shooting?

Looked at one way, those in the room were in on it and they didn’t shoot Crooks before the shooting because that was the plan.

Looked at another way, perhaps they were being wildly derelict in their duty, perhaps being too drugged up to operate or notice or react in a normal fashion.

Or perhaps they were told ‘by someone’ that this was a training exercise and they didn’t realize what was happening until too late.

Or maybe they were the ones who took (or guarded the person who took) the first three shots and their job was to finish the patsy off.

It’s very difficult to see this favorably for them, but perhaps there’s a compelling explanation in there somewhere that a proper investigator could dig out.


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