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Censorship Is Out Of Control!

user profile picture Chris Martenson Oct 16, 2020
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The social atmosphere in the US is increasing bitter and divided.  Tempers are fraying, and many are wondering what to do.

Social media – which I am increasingly going to be calling anti-social media for a host of reasons – is a major cause of those divisions.

Rightfully, social media has concluded that its own platforms are contributing.  Wrongfully, they’ve decided the issue rests with bad or wrong ideas that they are now in the process of scrubbing from their platforms.

One thing has led to another and now they are forcefully deciding what’s good medicine which, predictably, is always in alignment with pharmaceutical companies and their profit motives.

They are deciding which investigative articles can be shown and which are ‘wrong.’  This week Twitter even went so far as to prevent a government website from displaying describing it as ‘potentially unsafe’ by which they mean ‘went against our fervent desire to see Joe Biden elected.’

Having good, curated information is a treat.  But assuming that you know which is good and which is maliciously bad?  All the way to the point that you’re shadow banning people like myself who are sharing honest-to-goodness scientific research papers? Well, now you’re out of control.

Accordingly, to balance the universe, I went out of control in this video and even took to a swear-filled rant…all tastefully bleeped out of course (because self-censorship is the best censorship!)

But don’t worry there’s a funny cat video to balance that all out.

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